Frozen Margarita £7.50
A cool blend of tequila, triple sec and fruit.
Hawaiian-Cranberry-Mango & orange-Peach-classic
Daiquiri £7.50
A chilled taste of Cuban rum, sugar and fruit.
Pina Colada £7.50
A tropical blend of rum , coconut and tangy pineapple.
Wham £7.50
Our own creation of Coconut and dark rum, grenadine, orange juice and passion-fruit liqueur.
Martini Bar
Martini £7.00
A classic blend of Gin and vermouth, stirred and strained into a chilled glass with an olive or lemon rind.
Pornstar Martini £7.00
Vanilla vodka, passionfruit liqueur, lime juice and passionfruit syrup, served in a chilled glass with a shot of fizz.
Espresso Martini £7.00
A shot of espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka, shaken and strained. Cosmopolitan £7.00
The perfect balance of vodka, Cointreau & lime served ‘sex and the city style’
Flirtini £7.00
A blend of vodka and triple sec with pineapple, topped with bubbles and grena-dine.
Around the World
Strawberry blush £7.00
Muddled strawberries, with sugar syrup and cranberries over crushed ice.
Amaretto Sour £7.00
Amore representing love and the sweetness of the liqueur and the sour coming from our own sour mix.
Mai Tai £7.00
A true taste of Polynesia, based around rum and curacao.
Old Fashioned £7.00
Your choice of spirit, with angostura bitters, sugar cube, orange wheel and a dash of water.
Bourbon-Plymouth Gin-Anejo Rum-Tequila Anejo
Virgin Mojito £5.50
A flavoursome combination of lime, mint, apple juice and lemonade served over crushed ice like our alcoholic version.
Paradise Dream £5.50
Mango puree, pineapple, orange & cranberry poured over ice and finished with a dash of grenadine.
Mango Mule £5.50
Lime, ginger beer, cucumber and mango puree over ice with honey. Strawberry martini £5.50
Elderflower cordial, cane syrup, ginger beer, strawberries and mint.
Brookes Fizz £7.50
Our former Winner of cocktail of the year, it was our signature drink at Brookes Cardiff. Vodka, blackberry puree & Orgeat syrup shaken & strained into a chilled flute and topped with fizz.
Aperol Spritz £7.50
A cultural must when travelling Europe's city culture, so bring a splash of culture to your night. Aperol, a wedge of orange, topped with soda and prosecco.
Kir petillant £7.50
Crème de cassis, topped with sparkling prosecco. Or try with Chambord.
Bellini £7.50
Fruit puree, topped with sparkling wine.
Peach/Raspberry/ Mango & passionfruit
The Gin Garden
Singapore sling £7.00
The classic gin based cocktail that every connoisseur needs to taste. Gin, grand Marnier, cherry liqueur, herbal liqueur, Pineapple juice, fresh lime juice and soda.
Negroni £7.00
A Gentleman’s tipple of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, served on the rocks.
Gin Fizz £7.00
Fresh lemon squeezed with a scrumptious gin, sugar syrup topped with soda
Tom Collins £7.00
Created by the American godfather of mixology Jerry Thomas, with a blend of gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water.
Mojito £7.50
A blend of Bacardi, lime, mint & sugar, built and muddled in the glass, topped with crushed ice and soda.
Long Island Iced Tea £7.50
Take five spirits, lengthen with lemon juice, add sugar, shake and strain over ice, top with cola and voila, sit back and enjoy!
Woo Woo £7.50
Combine vodka and peach schnapps, then mix cranberry and serve over crushed ice.
Luna Nights £7.50
A blend of vodka, Bacardi, Cointreau & pineapple juice, over crushed ice then topped of with a dash of cherry liqueur.
Available in a carafe £14.00